The Waypost Calendar of Events.


Wednesday, October 1st at 8pm
Trivia Night hosted by Secretary of State Kate Brown
Presented by Emerge Oregon

Thursday, October 2nd at 8pm
Miss Massive Snowflake
When We Met
It's Green

Friday, October 3rd at 9pm
The Mama Rags

Saturday, October 4th at 9pm
Brenda Xu
Anne-Marie Sanderson
Elise LeBlanc

Sunday, October 5th at 7pm
Classical Revolution!

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Monday, October 6th at 7pm
"HOW TO TAKE A BULLET: A Red Hot Reading at the Waypost"
Oakland poet Hollie Hardy joins Portland writers Lizzy Acker, Maria DeLorenzo, and Martha Grover for an evening of sharp poetry, wicked prose, and cheap margaritas.

Tuesday, October 7th at 7pm
An art reception for Brad Hartshorn.
With a musical performance from Dusty Rust

Wednesday, October 8th at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia"

Thursday, October 9th at 8pm
::3 solo sets::

8pm-10pm $5 Suggested Donation

Mike Gamble

Mike Gamble was born in the U.S. of A’s smallest state, Rhode Island, and has been on the road ever since. While he was growing up, Gamble's family lived in rural New Jersey, Atlanta, Georgia; and finally settled in Columbus Ohio, where he gave up sports and video games to pursue music full time. After years of playing sousaphone in marching band, cello in youth-orchestras, and leading numerous rock projects, Gamble decided to pursue a degree in jazz at the New England Conservatory. He now teaches audio production at Oregon State University and is in and out of his apartment in Portland OR touring the states and Europe. While living in New York from 2002-2013, he performed monthly with indie rockers Seequill, his solo project Scrambler, his trio The InBetweens, as well as other NYC fixtures like Bobby Previte, Todd Sickafoose, and Pete Robbins. For seven years Gamble held down a weekly series he called 4playbar4 in Park Slope. He has also has worked on soundtracks, notably "Manda Bala," an award-winning critical look at the Brazilian kidnapping regime and "Captured," a film about how photographer Clayton Patterson has dedicated his life to documenting the final era of raw creativity and lawlessness in New York City’s Lower East Side. Mike recently has been touring the west coast performing as a soloist in support of his 2011 critically acclaimed release "Loomer" and fulfilled two residencies on the east coast this past summer : The Manhattan Inn in Brooklyn and at Club Helsinki, in Hudson NY.


TXTED is the solo project of percussionist//producer Shawn Trail. Drawing on many influences...the wilderness beaches of northern michigan, rainforests of vancouver island, corn fields in southwestern ohio, and steamy louisville summers...polyrhythmic textures and drones...long distant trains through the night and crossing the country on I-90...bikes in copenhagen, xylophones of ghana, and the F to Fort Hamilton. TXTED fuses distant thoughts and transmits them via digital telepathy...wired trees and circuit board seas.
TXTED is the dream of electricity.

Noah Bernstein
Saxophonist/composer active in the boundless expanses of the Portland, OR music scene and can be seen performing regularly with his band GRAMMIES and R&B dudes Shy Girls. He holds a degree in jazz saxophone from the Oberlin Conservatory.
Bernstein grew up in rural Vermont. He carries with him its brooding forests and rolling hills wherever he goes.

Friday, October 10th at 8pm
The Happening
Moon Debris
Rich Girls (SF)

Saturday, October 11th at 8pm
Kevin Schlereth // Foxhollow // Chris Bernsdorf // Olivia Awbrey

Sunday, October 12th at 8pm
Margo May (KC)
Ben Cleek

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Tuesday, October 14th at 7:30pm
John Value
Tiny Matters

Wednesday, October 15th at 8:30pm
"Know & Tell Trivia" with Kerr Mahnke

Thursday, October 16th at 6:30pm
Pints & Politics with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Thursday, October 16th at 8pm
Signals (Tucson)

Friday, October 17th at 9pm
Molybden (Austin)
Dusty Santamaria
The Cedar Shakes (Nehalem)

Saturday, October 18th at 9pm
Kingdom of Smoth

Sunday, October 19th at 7pm
Muse Forward's "Emerging Music Salon" #6

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Tuesday, October 21st at 8pm
Exit Glaciers (Denton, TX)
Wildish with Russell Durham, Moorea Masa and Abbey Hickman

Wednesday, October 22nd at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia" with Johnny Flores

Thursday, October 23rd at 8pm
Dan Daniels

Friday, October 24th at 9pm
William Nichols
Tyler Bussey
Sioux Falls

Saturday, October 25th at 9pm
Jonah Luke
Wednesday Trio
Shohei Kobayashi

Sunday, October 26th at 8pm
Alan Singley
Russell Kaback (MA)
Brian Manning

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Tuesday, October 28th at 8pm
Shoot Dang
Rachael Miles
Jake Cline

Wednesday, October 29th at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia" with Johnny Flores

Thursday, October 30th at 8pm
The Ocean Party (Australia)
Shelley Short
Awkward Energy


Saturday, November 1st at 9pm
Green Hills Alone
Mike Coykendall

Sunday, November 2nd at 7pm
Classical Revolution!

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Tuesday, November 4th at 8pm

Wednesday, November 5th at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia"

Thursday, November 6th at 7pm
Gitawnya's Art Reception & Open Microphone

Friday, November 7th at 9pm
Hart & Hare
Cut Cut Paste

Saturday, November 8th at 9pm
Vony & Kazz
Honeybee Manifesto

Sunday, November 9th at 8pm
Folding Chairs
Zach Dunlap (Butt to Butt)

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Tuesday, November 11th at 8pm
Amy Bleu & Friends

Wednesday, November 12th at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia"

Thursday, November 13th at 6:30pm
The Musicality Network's Music Student Recital

Friday, November 14th at 9pm
A Steve Lacy Tribute, Featuring: Tim DuRoche, Naomi Siegel, Kate Olson
And The Neo-Pagan Jazz Bastards

Saturday, November 15th at 8pm
Chrome Mole Monocle
Eaton Flowers
1000 Trashcans
Translucent Spiders

Sunday, November 16th at 7pm
Muse Forward's "Emerging Music Salon" #7

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Tuesday, November 18th at 8pm
Joe Apice
Vin Gast

Wednesday, Novmeber 19th at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia"

Thursday, November 20th at 8pm

Friday, November 21st at 9pm
The Glyptodons
Lefty & The Twin
Alissa Arnason (Canada)

Saturday, November 22nd at 9pm

Sunday, November 23rd at 8pm
Grand Style Orchestra

Margarita Mondays - All house margaritas are only $6

Wednesday, November 26th at 8pm
"Know & Tell Trivia"

Saturday, November 29th at 9pm
The Hugs

Sunday, November 30th at 8pm
The Old Straight Track


$1 off draft microbrews, well cocktails, tacos, & nachos from 4pm to 7pm.

The Waypost's very own Trivia Night every Wednesday.

Saturdays & Sundays from 10am-3pm.

All house Margaritas are only $6.

Stop in along your bike ride up Williams and enjoy Happy Hour prices all day!

Live chamber jams every First Sunday at 7pm.

Far out live music from now and the future - every 3rd Sunday.
Presented by MuseForward & CRPDX.

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