DIRECTIONS (from the Zinester's Guide to Portland)

"Drinking or Eating"


*We received our full liquor license on January 19th, 2012. This is great news for our customers who've been asking for more than beer and wine, and it will expand our beverage offerings throughout the day. We intend to continue serving the community as a comfortable restaurant and cafe. However, after 8pm, we will now have to enforce a restriction upon minors. We regret the inconvenience, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.*

In regards to the delight of food: we've narrowed our menu to what we do best here: Tacos! and a Delicious Weekend Brunch.

Visit us daily between 4 and 7 for Happy Hour. Come anytime for a fine selection of Oregon beers, locally produced spirits, and our house liquor creations.

Visit us weekends for a full vegan/omnivore friendly brunch menu between 10am and 3pm - NOW WITH BOOZE!

We also gladly serve: Extracto Coffee & Iced Today, Foxfire Looseleaf Teas, Monkeywrench's vegan bike-delivered cookies.

"BOOKING: Live Music, Films, Lectures, and More"

☛ The Waypost Calendar of Events.

We aim to host live music performances of the sonic-spiritual nature.
Write to if you have a full night of music in mind, or if you hope to join a bill with strangers. The Waypost has a PA with 3 microphones and a piano at your service.

Chilled out and intimate musical performances are preferred for the sake of our simple space. Our shows must end by 11pm Fridays and Saturays, and because we're in a residential zone, we must honor decibel restrictions after 10pm weekdays. Also, for licensing reasons, performers need to refrain from performing cover songs. If you have questions, just ask Michael during the booking process.

We also love to host films, lectures, teach-ins, puppet shows, dance parties, DJs, prophets, and poets.

For all events, we will display a donation box, wherein you, as the lucky audience member, have the opportunity to contribute $2-$5 to the craft and traveling expenses of your entertainers.

To schedule music, a screening, a lecture, or another event, please write to

Send other inquiries to